Free Fortnite V bucks generator code Unlimited hack April 2020

Fortnite V bucks 2020

Fortnite: How to GET V Bucks FREE April 2020?

Do you want to buy skins on Fortnite’s store, but don’t know how to get legal FREE V-Bucks?




In Fortnite Chapter 2, you can purchase skins and cosmetics to personalize your game. But to buy these skins, you usually have to use the game currency: The famous V Bucks! How do may you get these V Bucks? We will explain that related to you in an easy way.

Free Fortnite V bucks

V Bucks in the Fortnite store April 2020

V Bucks is Fortnite’s Virtual Currency can be used in three game modes: Battle Royale, Creative Games and PvE save the world. The currency allows you to buy cosmetics, skins, gliders, emoticons and battle passes.

The easiest and safest way to get VBucks is to go to the “Shop” tab on the game interface and you will find 4 sets of V Bucks at different prices:

  1. 1,000 V-Bucks at € 9.99;
  2. 2,800 V-Bucks at € 24.99 (12% bonus);
  3. 5,000 V-Bucks at € 39.99 (25% bonus);
  4. 13,500 V-Bucks at € 99.99 (35% bonus).

After purchase, you can find your total number of V Bucks next to the “Menu” button at the top right of the interface. As you can see, these V Bucks must be purchased for real money and then only available in Fortnite. There are two important things to know:

V-Bucks purchased on one platform are not available on other platforms (for example, V-Bucks purchased on PC are not available on PS4)
Purchased items cannot be transferred between Save the World mode and Battle Royale.

V Bucks in the Fortnite store

Make V-Bucks through challenges

Another way to get V-Bucks is to meet challenges. Whether it’s a free challenge or a battle pass challenge, you can always have 100 V Bucks at a certain level! Epic Games adds new challenges in the form of tasks every week, so you have enough money to collect hundreds of V Bucks for free.

What about Fraudulent websites?

When searching, beware of fraudulent websites! Many sites offer free V-Bucks, such as using a generator, but have never been there. These sites are all scams and there is no other way to securely get V Bucks other than games.


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Black Friday Amazon: “PS4 Slim 500 Go” + Fortnite at 189.99€ instead of 299.99€

PS4 Slim 500 Go at Amazon

The Price drops! The PS4 Slim 500 GB Black sold with Fortnite games can enjoy a substantial discount of 37%.

As part of Black Friday, Amazon awarded Fortnite game as a gift to reduce the price of the PS4 Slim 500 GB console by 110 euros. The price of the package plummeted to 189.99 €!

PS4 comes with one of the most popular games at the moment, and selling it for 200 Euros is definitely a very, very good plan! At this price, as Christmas approaches, Sony’s signed consoles will be sold like scones. Please note that inventory may melt quickly.

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The prices mentioned in this article are for reference only and are subject to change. We also remind you of possible inventory shortages at merchants.

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Switch sales already exceed Super Nintendo’s one


It took Thirteen years for Super NES to sell more than 49 million copies worldwide, and Nintendo Switch broke 52 million copies in less than three years.

Switch was well received in early 2020: after setting a record for the last quarter of 2019, Nintendo’s portable (and living room) game console just surpassed its great-grandmother Super Nintendo (or Super NES).

Super NES has been manufactured for almost 13 years and sold 49.1 million units, while the Switch reached 52.48 million units in just two years and ten months. Obviously, the flight environment of the two consoles is very different.

Anyway, according to Nintendo’s predictions, the console should sell about 18 million copies in fiscal 2019 (from April 2019 to March 2020).

Switch is already the third-best-selling home console in Nintendo. As you can imagine, its hybrid nature makes it a portable platform and also facilitates this good positioning. Nintendo’s portable game consoles have been popular since the first Game Boy. In comparison, from the launch in 2004 to the end of production in April 2013, Nintendo DS sold more than 154 million units, while Nintendo 3DS sold $ 75.71 million. Now the unit.


Among other factors of success, we must of course emphasize the launch of the cheaper model-Switch Lite-and the arrival of highly anticipated games (such as “Pokémon Sword” and “Shield”), with a price not lower than that 16.06 million copies were completed in just two months. More than a third of Switch owners are Pokémon players.

Nintendo plans to advance with the times when Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Rescue Team DX arrives this year, a remake of two Pokémon games combining Nintendo DS and GBA.

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Switch’s next (very) symbolic process will be to surpass Nintendo’s first console NES sales. It was sold in 1983 and sold 61.91 million copies during production. Production of the product in Japan will continue for two decades since the end of marketing in Chaoyang, starting in 2003.

Fortnite’s demise has driven the Internet crazy that day


Every Friday at 6pm, our community manager Jordan Caucino will provide you with a Tech a Break, a 3-minute show that summarizes what you should not miss this week!

Fortnite players are very scared! On Sunday night, the game fell into a black hole. In conclusion, no one can play except to observe … the famous black hole. Literally lit Twitter, and videos of upset players soon appeared. At noon on Tuesday, the game returns from Chapter 2 with a new map. Now you can fish to recover from the loot, or bring injured teammates to the battlefield.

The record drops again. Realme X2 Pro is a smartphone. The charging speed is fastest because it only takes 29 minutes! As a result, it exceeds the previous record holder, Oppo FindX.

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Now you can burn your own vinyl! This is what Phoncut, the Kickstarter project just funded. Just connect the audio source to the product via the jack cable and you’re done. Operating costs remain high. Phonocut will be sold for $ 2,000 at launch. Also count $ 10 per vinyl.