Free Fortnite V bucks generator Chapter 2 Season 3 – June 2020

Fortnite V bucks 2020

How to GET FREE V Bucks for Fortnite June 2020?

Do you feel helpless when you desire to buy items on Fortnite’s store such as rare skins, battle pass and accounts with points? don’t you know how to get real and legal FREE VBucks for Fortnite Chapter 2?

In Fortnite Chapter 2 (Season 1 Season 2 and Season 3), you can purchase skins and cosmetics to personalise your game. But to buy these skins, you must have to use the game currency: The famous V Bucks! How do may you get these V Bucks? We will explain that related to you in an easy way.

Free Fortnite V bucks

Fortnite: The Game

Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with Fortnite, a fighting and action game in which 100 players compete until there is only one survivor left.

In Fortnite, you are dropped on an island and cannot escape before the end of the clashes. The same leitmotif: if you do not decimate your enemies, you will end up in flesh.

To survive as long as possible in Fortnite and hope to win the game, you build your forts, loot weapons and equipment, form alliances and betray your teammates at the last second to gain victory.

V Bucks in the Fortnite store as of June 2020

V Bucks is Fortnite’s Virtual Currency can be used in three game modes: Battle Royale, Creative Games and PvE save the world. The currency allows you to buy cosmetics, skins, gliders, emoticons and battle passes.

The easiest and safest way to get VBucks is to go to the “Shop” tab on the game interface and you will find 4 sets of V Bucks at different prices:

  • 1,000 V Bucks: € 9.99;
  • 2,800 V Bucks: € 24.99 (12% bonus);
  • 5,000 V Bucks: € 39.99 (25% bonus);
  • 13,500 V Bucks: € 99.99 (35% bonus).

After purchase, you can find your total number of V Bucks next to the “Menu” button at the top right of the interface. As you can see, these V Bucks must be purchased for real money and then only available in Fortnite. There are two important things to know:

V-Bucks purchased on one platform are not available on other platforms (for example, V-Bucks purchased on PC are not available on PS4)
Purchased items cannot be transferred between Save the World mode and Battle Royale.

V Bucks in the Fortnite store

Make V Bucks through challenges

Another way to get V-Bucks is to meet challenges. Whether it’s a free challenge or a battle pass challenge, you can always have 100 V Bucks at a certain level! Epic Games adds new challenges in the form of tasks every week, so you have enough money to collect hundreds of V Bucks for free.

What about some websites?

When searching, beware of uncertain websites! Many sites offer free VBucks, such as using a generator, but have never been there. These sites are all scams and there is no other way to securely get V Bucks other than games.

Last Updated Free V BUCKS Generator: 15 June 2020

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Why Android version of Fortnite will not come out on the Play Store

It’s no longer a rumor, the very popular Fortnite will not be released on the Play Store but on the official Epic Games store. The editor explains this choice.

Epic Games will not release Fortnite in Google’s official store. Android devices will need to be installed through the publisher ’s website. This decision is economic in the first place, but it also reveals a completely different view of interest in maintaining this traditional mobile sales path. Epic Games shared their reasons with The Verge.

With this option, you can bypass 30% of the normal revenue of the Play Store. Since users can only install and launch apps available on the App Store, this method cannot be applied on iOS. Google OS is more open, allowing you to take other ways than the official store.

The beginning of independence?

Fortnite is not the first game without a Play Store. However, this is still rare and for good reason: not everyone can afford it. The Google Store provides great visibility for publishers and developers. Fortnite is already very popular, with more than 125 million players registered in June 2018. This is a real phenomenon and has been around for a while on PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch and iOS. Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic Games, told The Verge that with the help of the Internet, “physical stores and intermediate distributors are no longer needed.”

He also pointed out that it is unreasonable to request 30% of the requests on the mobile platform because it does not require a large amount of hardware investment (eg on the console) or a partnership of marketing activities: “at the cost of the services provided by these platforms “.

Does it jeopardize the security of smartphones?

What about security? According to Sweeney, this is not a problem, he recalled that all mobile OSs have made great progress in this area, and now clearly indicate to users that they are granted permission to install applications. And added in the form of a spear against Apple and Google: “We believe that this is a way for all platforms to ensure security, rather than entrusting the monopolist to the monopoly application store. The software users have the right to obtain.”

Samsung exclusive?

According to the latest unconfirmed news, there are 15,000 V-Bucks quotes for any pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In Fortnite’s virtual currency, it is equivalent to $ 150. This game is indeed a month or more exclusive to the Korean giant ’s phablet: according to sources from Android Headlines, Samsung will also negotiate on its other smartphones for three to four months, and the title has not yet been reached. Works with other Android devices.

Can this strategy increase the sales of smartphones of the Korean manufacturer, which is currently struggling due to poor sales of the Galaxy S9? Or is the Android player still patiently waiting for the title of finally enjoying the game on the phone?

Android: Google Play Protect has blocked the installation of malware 1.9 billion in 2019

Google Play Protection prevented the installation of more than 1.9 billion malicious Android apps downloaded from the Play Store.

Google Play Protect, a protection service built into Android smartphones alone, prevented the installation of more than 1.9 billion malicious apps in 2019 alone.

It can be used as anti-virus software to verify whether you have installed malware by regularly scanning applications and updates in the Play Store and APKs downloaded from third-party websites, thereby protecting Android devices. user.

Google Play Protect was launched during Google I / O in 2017 and is now installed on more than 2.5 billion Android devices.

No longer installed outside the Play Store

In 2017 and 2018, Google Play Protect blocked the installation of more than 1.6 billion malicious apps, thereby preventing the number of Google Play protected installations. Play Protect scans more than 100 billion applications every day and can alert users and take corrective actions when a security issue is detected on the device.

Google hopes to further improve its ability to target malicious applications in 2020. The company hopes to strengthen its application security strategy to protect user privacy, detect threats faster and prevent repeat offenders, and finally, detect and delete applications whose content or behavior is harmful to users.


Sources : BleepingComputer, Android Developer Blog

Epic Games gives way to Google: Fortnite is available for download on the Play Store

Epic Games had to resolve to offer Fortnite for download on the Play Store and to share 30% of the income from in-app purchases with Google.

The epic game has given way. Android smartphone users can now download Fortnite directly from the Play Store. After distributing it on the website for almost a year and a half, the publisher finally decided to offer its games in the official Google store.

Epic Games made this decision to avoid having to share 30% of in-game purchase revenue with Mountain View.

Apps downloaded from outside the Play Store are at a disadvantage

Although Google has verified the security of applications downloaded from the Play Store to ensure user safety, third-party applications downloaded from outside the platform are not.

In recent months, Google has implemented a variety of tools to warn the owners of Android smartphones of the dangers they face by installing apps and games from unverified sources.

Epic Games, who regrets this situation, explained that Google is making every effort to distribute its applications through unofficial channels to make its life more complicated. Mountain View has indeed stepped up its efforts to encourage Android users to download applications only from their stores. After downloading the application from an unknown source, Google will warn the user by displaying a security alert. For search engines, applications provided outside the Play Store may be malware.

In 2019, due to Google ’s built-in protection system, Google Play Protect, Google blocked the installation of more than 1.9 billion Android applications that were considered malicious from the Play Store.

Faced with all these restrictions set by the American giants, in order to avoid losing players on the way, Epic Games decided to sell their games in the Play Store. By providing installation files to download directly from their site, publishers will continue to distribute them outside the current Google Store.


Apple will expand its SVOD service with old movies and series to better compete with Netflix

When the Apple TV + video-on-demand service was launched, Cupertino bet everything on exclusive content to attract viewers. However, in order to resist the giants of the industry, Apple was forced to expand its offer with more works in other catalogs.

Soon, there will be more content on the Apple TV Plus. Apple is said to be negotiating to buy TV series and movies that have been screened to expand its streaming catalog. This way, he can compete with Netflix Premium, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu (in the US) and Disney +, and offer classic catalogs that will highlight all of their original content.

Because if of course you can still rent or buy series or movies on iTunes (or third-party apps) through the TV app, that means you can make your own wallet. For a long time, this gesture has become the norm, but it seems a bit outdated when SViD reigns supreme.

Missing content and active users

According to sources and news from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gullman, several Apple TV + executives have already contacted major Hollywood production companies. They want to get the right to provide subscribers with more content on the Apple platform. Since Cupertino has already purchased the copyright for the series and the movie, the negotiations will even go smoothly, but the title has not yet been filtered.

The production and distribution of exclusive content and original content remains a priority for Apple TV +. So far, in France, there are about twenty series of movies and documentaries to choose from. However, in the face of a richer offer, this strategy is difficult to come by.
In addition, in February last year, only 10 million users subscribed to Apple TV + (a large portion of which should be free). Only half of them are considered active users, which is very rare. In contrast, Disney + has attracted 10 million subscribers from the first day of its launch a few weeks ago. He now has more than 50 million active members.

Third-party content is still a powerful weapon to attract customers to use streaming media platforms, and streaming media platforms do not yet have a streaming media platform like Disney +, and these platforms already have a very rich and well-known personal directory that can devour all screens.

Switch sales already exceed Super Nintendo’s one


It took Thirteen years for Super NES to sell more than 49 million copies worldwide, and Nintendo Switch broke 52 million copies in less than three years.

Switch was well received in early 2020: after setting a record for the last quarter of 2019, Nintendo’s portable (and living room) game console just surpassed its great-grandmother Super Nintendo (or Super NES).

Super NES has been manufactured for almost 13 years and sold 49.1 million units, while the Switch reached 52.48 million units in just two years and ten months. Obviously, the flight environment of the two consoles is very different.

Anyway, according to Nintendo’s predictions, the console should sell about 18 million copies in fiscal 2019 (from April 2019 to March 2020).

Switch is already the third-best-selling home console in Nintendo. As you can imagine, its hybrid nature makes it a portable platform and also facilitates this good positioning. Nintendo’s portable game consoles have been popular since the first Game Boy. In comparison, from the launch in 2004 to the end of production in April 2013, Nintendo DS sold more than 154 million units, while Nintendo 3DS sold $ 75.71 million. Now the unit.


Among other factors of success, we must of course emphasize the launch of the cheaper model-Switch Lite-and the arrival of highly anticipated games (such as “Pokémon Sword” and “Shield”), with a price not lower than that 16.06 million copies were completed in just two months. More than a third of Switch owners are Pokémon players.

Nintendo plans to advance with the times when Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Rescue Team DX arrives this year, a remake of two Pokémon games combining Nintendo DS and GBA.

Switch’s next (very) symbolic process will be to surpass Nintendo’s first console NES sales. It was sold in 1983 and sold 61.91 million copies during production. Production of the product in Japan will continue for two decades since the end of marketing in Chaoyang, starting in 2003.