Apple will expand its SVOD service with old movies and series to better compete with Netflix

When the Apple TV + video-on-demand service was launched, Cupertino bet everything on exclusive content to attract viewers. However, in order to resist the giants of the industry, Apple was forced to expand its offer with more works in other catalogs.

Soon, there will be more content on the Apple TV Plus. Apple is said to be negotiating to buy TV series and movies that have been screened to expand its streaming catalog. This way, he can compete with Netflix Premium, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu (in the US) and Disney +, and offer classic catalogs that will highlight all of their original content.

Because if of course you can still rent or buy series or movies on iTunes (or third-party apps) through the TV app, that means you can make your own wallet. For a long time, this gesture has become the norm, but it seems a bit outdated when SViD reigns supreme.

Missing content and active users

According to sources and news from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gullman, several Apple TV + executives have already contacted major Hollywood production companies. They want to get the right to provide subscribers with more content on the Apple platform. Since Cupertino has already purchased the copyright for the series and the movie, the negotiations will even go smoothly, but the title has not yet been filtered.

The production and distribution of exclusive content and original content remains a priority for Apple TV +. So far, in France, there are about twenty series of movies and documentaries to choose from. However, in the face of a richer offer, this strategy is difficult to come by.
In addition, in February last year, only 10 million users subscribed to Apple TV + (a large portion of which should be free). Only half of them are considered active users, which is very rare. In contrast, Disney + has attracted 10 million subscribers from the first day of its launch a few weeks ago. He now has more than 50 million active members.

Third-party content is still a powerful weapon to attract customers to use streaming media platforms, and streaming media platforms do not yet have a streaming media platform like Disney +, and these platforms already have a very rich and well-known personal directory that can devour all screens.